Own it.


When I was in junior high, skateboarding was my life. I played other sports on teams, but skateboarding is where I really wanted to be. I loved learning new tricks, and mastering vert ramps and rails. I would hit up the skate park nearby and learn from others. It was great… That is, until I would get hurt… Then I hated life. I would fall in an attempt to jump over something I was not skilled enough to try, and I would begin using colorful language and usually blaming anyone but myself for the injury. It was my best friend’s fault for not clearing the gravel or my other buddy should have told me that the landing was slick. The fault was anybody but mine, and therefore I did not deserve what I got.

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Stupidity is like that, I do wrong then I want to blame anybody but myself for the pain that always follows. It can be in anything, finances, eating/exercise, sexual sin, or just about anything else.

We now live in a culture where it is always someone else’s fault. You spill coffee on yourself, its Mcdonald’s fault, you get your girlfriend pregnant, it’s her fault, you refuse to humble yourself to take a job that is “beneath you” it is the government’s fault. Always someone else, never myself.

Solomon said it like this, “The wicked will be snared by their own wrongdoing. Their flaws will tie their own hands, and they will be dragged through life by the cords of their sins.”[1]

We look at a verse like that and it looks like a threat. But its not. Instead, it is a restatement of the obvious. So often we look at the Bible and view the consequences for choices as unfair punishment, but really God is just keeping it real.

Proverbs 5 is specifically speaking about sexual sin, and how easy it is to get involved and how sticky it is to get out.

But the same goes for all sin and stupidity. Wherever I am weak, I have to start by taking responsibility for my life. If I fail to make the right choice, it is not God’s fault, its mine, it is not my parents fault for not raising me better, its mine. I need to own it, because only then can I begin picking up the piecing and hand them over to God to be remade.

God is often practical and so is this advice. Own it.

Is there any issue in your life that you should own today?

[1] Proverbs 5:22 The Voice