Out of Debt Like a Gazelle


It's the new year, which means you and me both probably made some time of resolution to be better with cash right? Why is it that we did the same thing last year? We all have heard a speech give the definition of insanity, so let's change it up a bit. Step 1, let's see what God says about cash, and then step 2 let's get some resources to make money change into real life change. To check out Today's Remix section in the Bible click here.

Finances are an immediate indicator of wisdom. If I am unwise with the way I manage money, then I am most likely unwise in the way I handle life. If I am careless, undisciplined, and dumb with cash, then I am going to be all those same things in my work, health, family, and spiritual life.

Does this sound a little bit over the top? Look through the Bible and you will see a consistent theme between the way we manage money and the way we do life. In fact, Jesus found money to be so vital that it is actually His most talked about subject.

Also, let’s think real life. Think of all the people that you know that spend way more than they have to buy way more and way better then they need so they can impress people they don’t even like… Now think about how many of those families also go bankrupt with their families, work, and spiritual lives.

Admittedly, you can be great with money and be a horrible father, follower of Christ, and worker. But more often then not there is a clear connection.

It is no wonder that Solomon wrote how wicked being indebted to another person is when he wrote, “Get out as quickly as possible, as a gazelle runs from the hand of the hunter, as a bird takes off from the grip of the fowler.”[1]

Financial expert Dave Ramsey loves using this verse to describe the best strategy to get out of debt, and I will repeat it because it works!

Debt is not a good ol’ friend that I should keep around. It is like a lion that looks to trap us. We don’t see the urgency because we only see the number attached to the debt, but we don’t really look at the real cost. The cost to our families, to our work, and to our relationship with God. I would love to be generous in all three areas, but how does that work out when I am hung up in the web of debt?

Dave likes saying that if you watch the discovery channel, you will not see a gazelle casually strut away from a predator, it books it. It runs as fast as it can. Is that the way that we are handling debt?

I am far from a financial expert, but I believe that it is so vital that I take control of my finances, and I encourage you to do the same.

For more info on Dave Ramsey and to get started on running like a Gazelle out of debt please visit: http://www.daveramsey.com/tools/new-to-dave/

(and if you click on the above link, welcome to step 3.)

[1] Proverbs 6:5 The Voice