One Simple Question That Will Change Your Day


Simple Question: Are you a blessing? What I mean by that is that when others see you, no matter what kind of spiritual beliefs they hold, do they view you as a person who adds value, a team player, an asset… or do they see you as a liability, selfish, and annoying?

Sometimes we want to dismiss what others think of us and just say “well, it’s their problem.” It’s definitely true that sometimes we do our best, and people still don’t like or respect us, and for those occasions its whatever.

But if your entire division at work thinks you are lazy, or cocky, or antisocial… then it might be worth looking into.

Check out our story in Genesis 30, Jacob and his family worked hard as tenant shepherds for a man named Laban. The bible doesn’t say that Laban cared about God at all but Laban did say about Jacob and his family, “If you look upon me with favor, please stay here. You are a good omen. The Eternal One has blessed me because of you.”[1]

Laban didn’t know God, but he did know the work ethic and value that Jacob brought to his business, and Laban could only credit it to God.

For me, I want to be a blessing to work around. I want to be positive, intelligent, selfless, and a hard worker. I want to do my absolute best because when people see me I want them to see Jesus.

Wouldn’t you say there are enough crappy people right now who call themselves “Christians” who don’t do a good job representing Jesus?

How about instead today we do OUR best to be OUR best?

[1] Genesis 30:27 The Voice