Nothing Separates Love


Love is interesting because it is not just a feeling. Can you really feel love? Or do we just feel the results of it? Is it simply a chemical reaction meant for the survival of our species or is it something real and natural and good and pure? Is love just for the weak and callousness meant for the tough? I have always believed in the power of love. I believe (in a non-hippy way) that love can indeed save this planet and our worlds. Likewise, I also claim to believe that God loves me with an undying passion. The problem: I don’t always feel it.

God’s love “feels” elusive, and that’s the problem, why? Some say it is because he does not exist, which is fine if you feel that way. But I don’t buy it. Not because I am simply weak-minded or superstitious but because I have felt the cool beauty of his face in worship, I have received protecting comfort when I was wounded from a Peace that transcends all understanding, and I have looked at both the natural beauty of this planet in a scenic vista and the suffering of the downtrodden and broken and see his loving hand waiting to reconcile the wrongs that have been done. But that still does not answer the question: why is it often so difficult for me to “feel” God’s love? Let’s look at what Scripture says about my position in God’s love first. “So who can separate us? What can come between us and the love of God’s Anointed? Can troubles, hardships, persecution, hunger, poverty, danger, or even death? The answer is, absolutely nothing” (Romans 8:35 The Voice). That means that because my identity is found in Jesus nothing can stop me from receiving God’s love, I cannot do enough bad or do enough good to receive any more of His love, because I am His. Fin. But what about “feeling” it? Well sometimes I am simply not meant to feel it, so my system will run off of faith not feeling. And other times, the problem is sin. Sin has a great way of taking my eyes off of Creator and putting it on creation… me. When I do that it puts up a barrier in between us in our relationship. I am taking a step away from Him, and because of love He won’t force Himself on me, but there is always a cost with sin. It never gives a willing target. Like a husband who cheats on his wife, or a friend who steals from a friend, the cost is relational, a separation and a hurt that cannot just be covered up with a Band-Aid.


Fortunately, because nothing can separate me from Him, finding Him is as easy as turning back with open arms and a broken heart. He provides the restoration always. Because, his love can be denied to exist or even to be wanted, but when it is accepted His love is a sweet aroma followed by a wonderful feast.