Nothing last forever. Depressing, right?


Check out Today's Remix Section in the Bible by clicking here. "Nothing Lasts Forever..." It’s a fair statement, and its true for almost everything. My Jeep Commando Power Wheel car that I had when I was four is lying in a garbage pile somewhere in California. My favorite TV show of my childhood, Boy Meets World, ended after seven seasons.

What sucks is all too often I get fixed on stuff. I get hooked and I do not want to let go, whether it is a relationship, a new “toy”, men have toys too, or having a bank vault filled with cash like Scrooge McDuck.

The thought of losing everything that I have worked for is probably the most terrifying thought to me.

But listen to what God thinks, “As soon as you become fixed on riches, they vanish. For suddenly they sprout wings and become like a soaring eagle flying high in the sky.”[1]

When we become so focused on keeping what we have is the moment that we have created another god, we have created something instead of the Eternal to dedicate our lives to.

I do not see in the Bible anywhere were God reveals a hatred for cash, but He does not want those things that He gave as a blessing to be a curse that holds us back from Him.

Visualize trying to hold onto your riches (whatever they are) and then all of a sudden they sprout wings and fly away. That is life. Your business partner steals the business right underneath you. The new insurance law messed up your premiums. Your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you when you thought the relationship would last forever.

Nothing besides God makes a good god.

This does not necessarily mean that we should throw whatever “riches” we have into a furnace, but instead we should remove it in our minds from being god, and allow those things to be a blessing in our lives. Not a curse.

What are the “riches” in your life that you have become fixed on? What will you do about it today?

[1] Proverbs 23:5 The Voice