New Series: How to Win in Life (begins tomorrow)


For those of you who have been on this journey with me as we have learned to apply the truth of the Bible to our lives I would like to say, "You are awesome!" Your support through this project has been killer, so keep it up!

Did you realize that if you read along with me over the last week and a half we just read the entire book of Philippians in the Bible? Congrats! For many of you I know it is probably the first time that you have done anything like that so let's keep the momentum going.

Tomorrow we are going to start a brand new series that should take us about a month. It will be called How to Win in Life, and each day we will be looking at a different chapter from the book of Proverbs.

The book of Proverbs was written by a King named Solomon who is considered the wisest man in history. Which should mean something to you, because we all need wisdom. What area in your life do you need wisdom? Relationship? Money? Marriage? Family? God? Depression? Grief?

We will be diving into each of those subjects so be sure to get on the Remix every day and share the link via social media. Get the word out! Remember this site is not for Christians, it is for everybody, it is for the curious, the newbie, and anyone else who wants to see life change. So invite and encourage others to join in on the conversation! Dont forget to leave comments and I will personally respond back, I promise! Also, sign up for the Newsletter, my genius web guy is doing an awesome job to set it up to be functional and helpful in building a real community.

So thank you all for being the best part of my day, keep it up, and go have an adventure!

In Him,

Danny Conner

(PS sorry for the girly purple heart on the Bible, it was the most hipster shot of the Book of Proverbs that I could think of)