My Favorite Moment in Movies


Do you enjoy a good movie montage? The montage is the part where the hero goes through whatever transformation training is necessary to prepare for the challenge ahead.

The montage is also one of my favorite parts of any story, mainly because the music is inspirational and gets me feeling like I can go to battle with the hero.

My favorite montage is from Rocky 4 where it is us (USA) vs the Soviet Union in a boxing ring in Moscow. Before the montage, Rocky’s focus was waning and he wasn’t sold out. But slowly as the music of the montage progresses he gets ready to go, and finally by the end of it he is standing on a mountain with his arms up in victory. The hero is ready.

I feel like my life would be easier if I had a training montage. Just a simple 3-5 minute compendium of my life being transformed and being ready for the challenges ahead.

Wouldn’t that be awesome if in one song you could become strong, courageous, and ready to take on the day!?

Jacob didn’t have a song, but he did have a life transformation. His name literally meant “heel-grabber” or deceiver, and he lived up to the name. He had tricked his father who was now dead, and his brother who was now his enemy.

But Jacob wanted to change, he wanted to restore his relationship with his brother. So he sent some messengers out to him with a gift of animals.

As Jacob waited something curious happened, he wrestled with God.

Do you ever do that? Where you stay up all night and feel like you are fighting it out with God? Well Jacob fighting with God in physical form but it was for a good reason:

Jacob wanted to change. He wanted to be blessed.

So Jacob wrestled with God throughout the night and God honored his persistence by telling him, “You will no longer go by the name Jacob. From now on, your name will be Israel because you have wrestled with God and humanity, and you have prevailed.”[1]

Jacob’s life change didn’t come through a musical montage but it did come through a night of struggle and pain with the God of the Universe, and when dawn came he was a new man, Israel.

So do you and I really want to change? Do we really want a transformed life? Filled with heroism and life? Courage and compassion? Is there something that you are struggling with? A past identity? An addiction?

We have to be like Israel, who was willing to wrestle with God, even when it hurts and be persistent enough to not give up half way through the training.

Quitters don’t make good heros, but you and I can if we are willing to go the distance.

[1] Genesis 32:28 The Voice