Monkey see, Monkey do.


If you spend any time around babies and toddlers you know that they love to copy their parents. It’s cute. But then a few years go by and they become teenagers and they begin to pick up some of the negative habits and tendencies of mom and dad. Not so cute.

Monkey see, monkey do turns into a trap of a vicious cycle, and it escalated kinda quickly.

I can think of a few things that I wish my parents didn’t do that I now struggle with, what about you? Did your dad struggle with anger issues or pride? Was your mom hyper competitive with the neighbors trying to outbuy them constantly and now you struggle with the same need to impress others?

Im not bringing this up so we can get mad at them, go knock on their door and start yelling… But it is important to know what we picked up from them so that we can learn how to appreciate the good stuff we learned and begin to throw the bad stuff in the trash.

A few days ago we talked on here about how Abraham sucked at trusting God sometimes and even said on two different occasions that his wife was his sister so that they wouldn’t be killed. God didn’t like that, and neither did those kings when God got on their case…

Check out Genesis 26 for this story. Fast forward to his son Isaac who is now a man married to Rebekah and they are entering a new land. Isaac is afraid because his wife is hot and he doesn’t want to die because of that, so he pulls his dad’s move and says its his sister.

God reveals to the king that it’s Isaac’s wife and the king wasn’t pleased. He yelled at Isaac, “What’s the matter with you? What have you done to us? One of my people might easily have slept with your wife. Then you would have brought great shame and guilt upon me and my kingdom!”[1]

He picked up his Dad’s habit of not trusting God with his family, and literally lied about his wife just like his father to the point that another guy might have potentially taken her as a wife.

We don’t have to suffer with the same sin, habits, and addictions of our parents. We can have freedom, but it will be tough. Some are engrained deeply within us. Because of that it will take courage.

We have to find the courage to search ourselves, expose the roots of the problem, and begin believing that God can set you free from it.

It might take a while, but if you are courageous enough to start the journey, God will give you the strength to finish it.

[1] Genesis 26:10 The Voice