Missing The Moment


Don’t you love those moments in movies where one character says to another, “Do you trust me?” Normally, the character who is asking has done just about everything to not deserve any trust, and now he is asking to jump off a building, into the line of fire, or about to get on a motorcycle with a werewolf.  

It always looks so easy to trust someone when you are looking at a story from an outsiders perspective, but being that trusting does not come easily. We don’t trust because of experience. By experience, when we trust others we get disappointed, when we trust others we feel pain, when we trust others we receive heartbreak.

So we simply, refuse to trust others out of the fear that they will do what those who have been trusted in the past have done.

We take the same lack of trust with God. Most people who call themselves “Christians” do not have a problem saying they trust God with getting them to Heaven, but ask them when was the last time they took a leap of faith that made no logical sense but was what they felt God wanted them to do and most would say never if not a long time ago.

Eight days after Jesus was born, His parents took Him to the temple for the naming and circumcision ritual, ouch. When they were there an obscure man named Simeon approached them. He was an old man, with little else recorded about him, except that he heard from God and responded. God apparently told him that he would not die until he saw the savior (Jesus) in person. There is no way to know how many years it had been since first hearing this obscure prophecy, but no matter how many years it was Simeon simply waited.

On this particular morning, he was most likely going through normal chores when all of a sudden he felt God calling him to go down to the Temple. At this point how would you have responded? Most of us are so busy we would not have even heard God’s calling. Some of us would have ignored it as indigestion. Others would have questioned it because it would definitely be an inconvenience to the day’s work.

Simeon did none of these. Instead Luke recorded, “The Holy Spirit had revealed to Simeon that he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Anointed One. The Spirit had led him to the temple that day, and there he saw the child Jesus in the arms of His parents, who were fulfilling their sacred obligations.” He went on to bless the entire family, and it was beautiful.

It is so busy to miss out on amazing moments like this because of busyness or lack of trust, but what if God is calling us to do something today and we simply are not listening? When we build up a life of prayer we begin to position ourselves to experience moments that are inconvenient but filled with faith.