Making Ur Decision


As long as I can remember, whenever I would drive through Fresno, California there has always been a palm reading/fortune telling shop off to the right of the freeway. I always remember it because the sign is simply a huge hand that is open like it is constantly ready for a high five. There have always been places like that, places where people can go to find out about the mysterious future. Tarot cards, chicken bones, palmistry, and crystal balls are just some tools of the trade that many clamor to in the hopes of figuring out what the future will hold for them. I don’t buy into any of that, mainly because those people are being paid, so they aren’t really unbiased third parties, so they better deliver with a prophecy of a promotion, new spouse, or at least a puppy.

But I have kind of looked for God to do the same thing, and maybe you have to. I have been guilty of trying to get God to give me the details on my future and the inside scoop on where I should go and what I should do. It’s mainly because I don’t like to fail, and if God would just fill me in about how I will succeed I can follow the step 1-5 instruction booklet. What’s the problem with that? Simple. No Risk.

People wanted the same information from Jesus. They were hoping that He would start a political revolution against the Romans and usher in a new kingdom. They were clamoring to Him in the hopes of hearing about the future.

So Jesus told a story about a king who allowed a few of his servants about three months of wages to invest as a test. Some time later he came back and wanted an account from each of them. The first brought back 10x the initial investment and was rewarded with ten cities to rule over. The second multiplied the investment by 5 so the king granted him five cities to control. The third was concerned about the future, so he buried the money to keep it safe because he didn’t want to screw up the investment, but when he showed it to the king he was irate because he didn’t take any risk and gave the money to the guy in first place. The ruler explained,  “Listen, whoever has some will be given more, and whoever doesn’t have anything will lose what he thinks he has.”[1]

We do everything in our power to control and dictate the future, and when there are variables outside our control we attempt to contact the supernatural to have those parts revealed to, but Jesus didn’t care about any of that and neither should we.

When we attempt to “figure out” the future we are really just trying to take the risk out of the adventure. It’s true, God’s will is not set in stone that we will succeed in everything we try, but that’s okay! Risk is good, risk is dangerous, and its essential to a complete life.

In your life you are probably facing some big decision right now and you don’t know which way to respond to it, so you will do every bit of research to remove the risk from the decision, but if you don’t respond, if you waver forever the opportunity will pass you by like the servant who tucked his money away.

God’s role in life is not to stop us from making mistakes, that is part of free will. But He does enjoy celebrating our successes and comforting us when we fall on our face. So don’t worry, but don’t hesitate. Take a risk, you might multiply the opportunity by 10 or it might go bust, but the only way to lose an opportunity is to not take it, and the only way to find out is by making a decision!

[1] Luke 19:26 The Voice