Living With the End in Mind: The Principle That Can Change Your Life


I promise the following will not be an original thought, but those things are overrated and what I am about to write can change your life if you let it. But first, a question:

What is your goal today?

Is it to do a good job at work? Slide under the radar without detection? Steal the copymachine one piece at a time? Make a decent wage for your family and invest some time into them? Honor Jesus in everything you do?

Most of those aren’t bad things, most. But the truth is there is a better goal for you to set for yourself that will include: living for God, being an awesome parent/spouse, doing your best at work, and investing into the lives of everyone you meet.

What could this secret and unoriginal goal be?

Live with YOUR end in mind. In other words, think about the kind of legacy you want to leave.

I was just reading in Genesis 49, and Jacob (Israel) was about to die, but in that moment he was surrounded by his 12 sons and gave each of them a blessing. Jacob was far from a perfect dad, man, or follower of God. But his life was marked by the fact that he was always striving to improve, and he did! He lived a good life, even though it wasn’t perfect, and he left a legacy of love, imperfection, and hope for his sons.

So answer this question today, what kind of legacy do you want to leave?

Don’t be naïve enough to think well I will worry about legacy when I’m 80, because an asteroid could come smash into you and your MacBook right now, then what?

Life is short and we never know when our time is up.

So think with YOUR end in mind. What do you want Jesus to say to you when you meet Him? What do you want your kids to say at your memorial? What thoughts would you like your spouse to have about you?

When you think about your End you will begin to live with purpose!