Learning the Art of Adventure from Steven Nelson


Aren’t the friends that are the most fun the ones who do the craziest things? They do stuff that seem illogical and impossible and turn it into an adventure! My friend Steve has always been like that. We have talked each other into some pretty awesome experiences based more on adventure and less on logic. And you know what? That is okay! Like the time when he called me a couple days before his birthday and told me to get ready because we were going on a roadtrip that would include Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, an MMA fight in LA, a trip to the beach in Monterey, and sleeping behind a Denny’s. It was nuts, but it was awesome!

Steve has this audacious dream of hitch hiking across America from New York back to California, and I love that! Is it dangerous? Yup. It is dumb? A little bit. Is it pointless? Absolutely not, because he wants to go across the country and spread a message of adventure, love, and hope. The Gospel. What better way to spread it then by living it?

The best thing I have learned from Steve is to experience life the full, and to operate more on faith and less on simply what is known.

What about you? How is your faith? Is your belief system built on what you can see, touch, and empirically prove through experiments or is it based on the mysteries that cannot be explained? Neither of these options is good enough alone, because there will always be mysteries that humanity cannot explain, but to simply believe even though it completely defies everything provable in the known world doesn’t make much sense either.

However, Jesus is not like either system. Instead, He used each to prove the other. When Jesus was once walking a father came to Him because his daughter had died, but he still wanted to believe that Jesus could heal her. Jesus told the father, “Don’t be afraid. Just believe. She’ll be well again” (Luke 8:50 The Voice). So Jesus went to the home, and told the mourners to stop crying because she was only asleep. Sounds like a bad joke huh? So they snarked at Him, but He kept walking into the girls room.

Jesus simply said to the girl to get up, and she immediately started breathing and sat up. Sounds impossible, right? Exactly! But it was not illogical, because He is God, He defines what logic is! When we trust Jesus to do the impossible in our lives, we are trusting Him to take us on an adventure, a quest to bring honor to God through love.

Many would argue that this account from the bible of Jesus raising this girl from the dead was simply impossible, and that is fair based on what science can prove. But, that is putting a lot of faith in what human scientists can “prove” and less faith in what the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe can do.

Jesus was not concerned with breaking scientific boundaries, but check out the last piece of the story, Jesus tells her parents to get something for the girl to eat. His only concern was getting this girl, who once was dead, a Sandwich! That is faith, and that is what is accessible to all of us.

So is your faith stale? Is your relationship with God not what it used to be? Start with reviving your prayer life, and begin to ask Him what impossible acts you need to be a part of! Because that is where faith is grown, in the realm of the impossible! If you have never counted yourself as a follower of Jesus, what is stopping you? Science, spirituality, a cluttered room filled with various religions? Jesus is not like any other. He did not care for simple religious activity, but He did care for a personal relationship with anyone who would come and follow Him on an adventure, and that is what He wants for you. Contact me if you’d like to explore this some more!

PS The cover pic is of Steve looking in a fireplace in Historic Liberty Hall in Philadelphia (the place where the declaration of Independence was signed)... Necessary? No. An awesome memory? Yes!