"Kids Say the Darndest Things"... and so do we.


Remember when you were a kid and you would correct adults on some random fact, and you were in reality wayyyyyy off, but they let it go as some "kids say the darndest thing" moment? Well, sometimes I still do that, and I bet you do too from time to time. We are nowhere near as wise as we think. Cheerful first sentence but its true.

In America we basically think we own the copyright to wisdom and everyone else’s logic is simply flawed. After all, we have the Wright Brothers, Edison, and Billy Graham all on our team, how could we not win?

The problem is that we are never as wise as we think; we are just more prideful then we recognize.

“Have you seen a person who is wise in his own sight?

Know that there is more hope for a fool than for him.”[1]

See, a fool is just dumb. A fool has no claim to be wise, and deserves at least a hint of respect for that because he does not claim to be something he is not.

But most people are not fools, because a lot of us look at ourselves and are impressed by what we see, and by what we don’t see. For example we think statements like:

Everyone else around me spreads rumors and drama, but not me.

My money situation is not my fault.

Relationships crash around me, because THEY were all wrong.

I didn’t get the promotion at work because I’m not the favorite, again.

My teacher never gives me the good grade, because she hates me for no reason at all!

Some of these might be correct some of the time, but if life is always like that who’s wisdom do you think is really off?

Each of us needs to take responsibility for our own paths.

You will probably make an error somewhere sometime today, its okay we are human.

Own it.

And then you will have the true wisdom to change it.

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[1] Proverbs 26:12 The Voice