Keep Calm and Blame Someone Else


I have long been an expert of the not so subtle art of blaming others. It’s one of the benefits of growing up as the younger brother… I could always just blame it on Bret, my older brother and even though I never got away with anything it was my best shot. I still have the tendency to do the same thing even today, like when I got in a car accident a few years ago I was looking for any way that it was NOT my fault… It was the sun, the steering, or anything beside my mistake.

Or if I am at work and something I plan goes wrong or doesn’t live up to expectation, it was the fault of that guy over there (me pointing at the first other person in sight).

It’s sad but it’s true. It is a constant temptation that I am fighting, and maybe you fight that same thing from time to time.

Seriously though, nobody enjoys being wrong, right? We aren’t trying to lie, but if there is an alternative thing to blame that takes the responsibility off of me, then I am all for it!

Apparently you and me are not the first people to struggle with this because way back in the beginning of time this happened…

Adam and Eve were given so much freedom by God. They could do what they wanted and be where they wanted and even eat almost anything they wanted, except for the fruit from a specific tree that would reveal the knowledge of good and evil to them… Because up to this point immorality wasn’t even an option for them, all they knew was how to do good stuff, and God wanted to protect them from that by holding them back from the tree.

SOOOO after Adam and Eve were both created and chilling in the Garden the serpent (Satan) slithered up to Eve and began talking to he

The snake was a jerk and began twisting God’s words to make it sound like God was the old man that was stopping them from a good time.

Eve gave in and ate the fruit, and Adam did the same.

Then all of a sudden their innocence was taken and a cosmic reaction occurred and introduced death into the world.

God came looking for them and when He found them He asked them what they had done.

God turns the attention to Adam who responds like any real man, “It was she! The woman You gave me as a companion put the fruit in my hands, and I ate it!”[1]

God then asks Eve and she blames it on the serpent.

Ever since then men and women have tried to cover up for mistakes and sin by making up stories and passing the blame onto others.

It’s easier that way. To point the finger just feels natural, but it is really just the sad and unnatural result of what happens when we fail and refuse to own up.

The truth is that we believe that things can be fixed without us owning our mistakes but they can’t. What ends up happening is the issue is misdiagnosed. Like if you went to the doctor and you told him a bunch of symptoms you weren’t having, he would give you antibiotics for an issue you don’t have.

We have to own up because it takes courage and bravery, and we should want those in our lives.

When we own up and seek forgiveness we can begin to truly start the healing process. So what does that look like for you?

What have you been passing the blame about that you can feel is time to own up on? Who do you need to confess to? Will it hurt, yup. Is it worth it? Definitely.

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[1] Genesis 3:12 The Voice