Jesus and Snobbery


I love awesome architecture. I took history of architecture with a buddy when I was in college and ever since then I have loved looking at both new and historic buildings and checking out their designs. Of course, that has made me a bit of a building snob, because I now only like to stay at hotels that look cool or have appointments in buildings that didn’t come from the Brady Bunch era. Don’t laugh/smirk at me, because we all have our snob side. Some of us are snobbish about the restaurants we eat at, or the vacations we go on, or the clothes we wear, or the people we hang out with. We all have ours, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with having preferences but Jesus didn’t seem to like snobs very much.

Jesus arrived in the Temple, which was beautiful and ornate, and began to look around with the other visitors. People were in awe of its beauty and opulence. And it was when Jesus could tell their snobbishness that He began to speak about the end of the world, which escalated quickly….

He began by explaining, “Go ahead, look around, and be impressed; but days are coming when one stone will not be left standing on another. Everything here will be demolished.”[1]

Jesus went on to explain that in the last days and in the events that occur after none of the pretty buildings matter. Buildings crumble, clothes get worn out, friends die, because whatever we are snobs about will not last.

You see, I believe that the Bible is correct when it says that the world as we know it could end at any moment. It’s Gods planet not ours, so He can call the shots…

So really, none of our snob stuff really matters. The only thing that does however is LOVE. Love transcends this existence. That is why Jesus explained that the two most important things are to Love God, and Love Others. Because when we operate out of love we are not snobs, because the only things that truly matter in our minds are God and people.

Even if the world does not end tomorrow, it could for any one of us. You could finish reading this post and a lion from the zoo could break into your house, you think you are surviving that one? Each of us could leave this earth at any moment, and if we live with that in mind then we would put more focus on love and less on our snobbery.

How can love transform your snobbery into something beautiful?

[1] Luke 21:6 The Voice