It's Okay to Be Grateful, I Promise


Imagine that you had some type of really awful disease, and every doctor agreed that there was no cure for you; until one day a well known doctor walks up to you and hands you a bottle of ointment and tells you to go put it on and by the next morning you will be healed. So you bolt home and begin following his instructions and then you anxiously crawl into bed to find out if this doctor really just did the impossible. The next morning you wake up and you already feel better, so you head off to your normal physicians office and he begins running some tests, and sure enough the disease is gone. You are healed. Now what do you do? Where is the first place you go?

If it is me I would probably head off to my family and friends to share the amazing news with them because they would share in the excitement and be overjoyed to hear it. Would you do the same? Or would you head out immediately to find the doctor who gave you the miracle cream to thank him for the amazing blessing?

This is exactly what happened to Jesus one day when He walked up to 10 guys with leprosy. Lepers were considered outcasts in every way since they were considered unclean and contagious, but Jesus walked up to them and healed them. He then gave them the next step of heading to the temple to have the priests check them out, because only they could officially declare all of them socially clean.

They did and they were, and then nine of them ran off probably to do what I would have done, told their families and friends and shared the exciting news!

But one of them returned to Jesus, He came to Jesus to thank Him for the miracle, for giving Him healing after all these years of being an outcast.

Jesus replied to Him, “Didn’t all ten receive the same healing this fellow did? Where are the other nine? Was the only one who came back to give God praise an outsider? (to the Samaritan man) Get up, and go your way. Your faith has made you healthy again.”[1]

What was the difference between the nine and the one who returned? Gratefulness.

You see in America especially we have just grown so used to bragging rather than thanking. For me, I often start conversations by bragging about what I have done, rather than thanking others for their valuable input in helping.

We do the same thing with God, in the church we ask God to step up and help out and when He does we rarely take time to thank Him, because we are too busy chest bumping and high fiving to give Him props for all He has done.

There is nothing wrong with sharing exciting news and letting others know about it, but gratefulness has to come first. When we thank God, the doctor, your mom, or whoever helped out first then we posture our stories with a foundation of gratitude and can then share the story through the right lens.

So next time something awesome happens, start with a ton of gratitude and watch how your outlook changes.

[1] Luke 17:17-19 The Voice