Is Patience Worth It?


It’s a couple days before Christmas and a kid sees his presents under the tree. He is so excited, and absolutely cannot wait. So he starts off by tearing off a little corner… Then a little more… then a lot more…. Until the present just happens to be unopened… Oh well… He guesses he might as well open the box now since it’s gotten this far… and that is when mom comes in.

Presents sit under the Christmas tree as a promise of what will be coming at the end of advent. For a child, it’s week of madness and cruelty, but in reality it is waiting and expectation of the awesomeness to come, and when this kid took matters into his own hands to take what was already his he put himself in a not so pleasant situation.

You never did that kind of Christmas stuff right? Me neither…. Okay I did. But what promises have you unwrapped outside of God’s timing? For a lot of us it is sex before marriage, we go for it because we are impatient and don’t even realize the best part of sex is the intimate connection between husband and wife. Or may it’s a promotion you were promised but it’s not going as quick as you wanted, so you pull a dirty move to hasten the process…

Check out this story from Genesis 27. Isaac had two son’s Jacob and Esau… Esau was oldest which meant that he would be the family leader, but God actually promised before they were born that Jacob would take charge.

Isaac was dying, so he called Esau in to give him “the blessing” and when he sent Esau out to get ready to receive it Jacob came in and pretended to be his older bro. Isaac gave Jacob the blessing, and Esau came back tweaked.

Jacob was now his leader, and he hated him for it. The bible says, “Esau hated Jacob with a fury, because his brother now carried the blessing his father meant for him.”[1] Esau even planned on killing Jacob, so he had to escape to a far off place.

God promised that Jacob would be the leader, but Jacob took matters into his own hands. Instead of trusting that the situation would be taken care of without sin, he lied, cheated, and clawed his way to success. You might think it was worth it, but he lost his brother that day, so is success worth it if you lose those closest?

Ultimately, we have the same choice everyday. Will we do what we know to be right? Or will we steal promises from ourselves?

Why do you believe patience is worth it?

[1] Genesis 27:41 The Voice