How to Create Opportunities for Success Today


What if I told you there is one thing you can do to secure opportunities in your life? Connections for a potential future job? Done. Chance meetings with the kind of guy youd actually like to marry? Check. Grow in your relationship with Jesus? Guaranteed. The advice is simple, and I’m giving it away for free because I am living out the advice by giving it away. You ready for it?

Generosity creates Opportunity.

Simple. Done. Drop the mic. Close the book. Blam.

Generosity creates opportunity is a big deal, and to prove it to you I will explain why.

When we are cheap and selfish, who are we thinking about? Ourselves. When we selflessly give our time, energy, and encouragement to others though something special happens. We attract people who do the same! Selfless people are attracted to selfless acts, and the adverse is true too… selfish people are attracted to selfish acts.

Check out Genesis 24

Here’s the proof in the Bible. It was time for Isaac to get a wife so Abraham, his dad, sends a servant back to the homeland to bring back a wife, because all the women where they lived sucked. The servant was freaking out because he didn’t want to make a bad choice, so he prayed to God and decided that whoever offered him a drink from the well and even a drink for all his camels would be a good candidate.

Right then a women named Rebekah came up to draw water for her family and when the servant asked her for a drink she gave him one, but she didn’t stop there… The Bible says, “After she had finished giving him water, she offered to do more.

Rebekah: I’ll draw some water for your camels too. I’ll make sure they drink all they need.”[1]

Im sure she was busy and had a bunch of work to do, but she was generous and went above and beyond by providing the camels with water. I want to be like that.

She ends up getting married to Isaac and they fell in love. Awesomeness.

So do you think generosity doesn’t pay off? Keep being selfish and see where that gets you. But I want to be selfless, and not just to get rewards and opportunity but because it is the right thing to do and it honors God.

Some say dumb things like good guys finish last, but they just say that to excuse selfishness. Be selfless, and the right opportunities will come. I promise. Want some water?

[1] Genesis 24:19 The Voice