Healing Old Wounds


Have you ever done something very very bad and needed forgiveness from someone else? You might have bailed right after “the incident” and not seen them in a while, but now time has gone by and you have no clue if they are still mad at you.

I mean, what if the other person is still mad? What if she holds the grudge for you dumping her? What if he is still furious that you lied and manipulated him?

I have been there too. You have a life change, perhaps like me you met Jesus, and you realize you gotta set things right. But what if they go into attack mode? Besides, asking forgiveness is terrifying.

In Genesis 33 Jacob (now known as Israel) was taking his family across the desert and knew he would be passing his brothers land, the brother who he manipulated and stole from, and was terrified that his brother would kill him and his family.

Jacob sent a peace offering ahead of him to his brother Esau but was prepared for the worst.

Then the moment of truth. The brothers lock eyes and Jacob bows down. But it is written, “But Esau ran to meet him. He embraced Jacob, kissed his neck, and they both cried.”[1]

Years of pain and guilt washed away with one embrace of two brothers.

If you ask for forgiveness you may not get the same Hollywood moment that these two received, but I can promise you that it is worth it.

Not all wounds heal automatically, but when we humble ourselves enough to admit our mistakes and ask for forgiveness we begin the healing process for everyone involved.

Did you just list four excuses why you can’t ask for forgiveness? Afraid of the past? Rejection? Humiliation? More pain? Alright, now throw them away. No more excuses.

Who do you need to ask forgiveness from today?

[1] Genesis 33:4 The Voice