Guest Remix: A Woman's Pressures to be Awesome


If you grew up around the church world you realize why today's section in the Bible was like my most dreaded to write on... I mean I can remix wrath, Jesus, or a talking donkey, but then there is a whole other classification known as PROVERBS 31! This chapter is like as terrifying as it gets, because it is how to be an awesome woman, wife, and mother (and I have been none of these)! Thankfully I have an awesome friend named Laura who is a great wife and mother, but is also pursuing her own dreams as well! So enjoy today's Guest Remix and follow her lead:::  

Remember that time when some well-meaning churchy lady suggested you read Proverbs 31? Or maybe it was your mother-in-law? (Yikes!) You sat down, opened your Bible, read a laundry list of items of how to be a good wife and mom, and immediately started ticking off all the items you don’t do or you are not good at. Maybe you’re like me and this is what you thought, “What is flax???? I don’t have maidens!! My children have never once been clothed in scarlet! Oh crap. I have to sew?!? I CAN’T EVEN SEW A BUTTON ON A SHIRT! There’s nothing here about how I crash on the couch during nap time…ok so that lady must REALLY think I’m a lazy, terrible mother…seriously?? Sewing??”

And then we never read it again. It becomes the passage we avoid. Okay, maybe it’s just me. Fast forward to February 2014 when my good buddy, Danny asked me to guest write on his blog about…(you guessed it)…Proverbs 31. *SIGH* I said, “Suuuuuuuuuuuure.” But on the inside I wasn’t really looking forward to counting my shortcomings again. Boy, am I glad I did.

I must have always glossed over the first verse. “The words of King Lemuel. An oracle that his mother taught him.” What?!?!? A WOMAN thought up all this stuff????? And I could almost hear God say to me, “Isn’t this what you want for your little boys?”


Think about it, Mama’s. Think about your precious little boys growing up and (GASP) getting married! Is there going to be a woman on earth that is good enough for them??? I’m imagining this being very hard for my mommy heart. Here is a mom, telling her son what to look for in a wife. I get it now. I can see from that churchy lady’s perspective. I can feel what my mother-in-law might have felt when she was sizing me up. (just to be clear, my mom-in-law never suggested I read this passage. She has always made me feel welcome and “good enough”.)

And you know what? It makes me want to go back through this laundry list and see if I can improve on anything. Because I want my SONS to see what they can hope for in a wife. I want them to see verse 30 in their Mama.

And who knows? Maybe I will figure out this sewing thing…eventually.

Read Proverbs 31 in the Bible by clicking here.


Laura Blankenship is the worship leader at LifeQuest Church in Belton, Missouri. She is the wife of Josh, who is a dreamer and a doer, and the mother of two, Lincoln, who knows more facts about the presidents than you do and he isn't even in Kindergarten, and Jackson, who makes dinosaur noises. She is passionate about family, living out purpose, prayer circles, and being a follower of Jesus. Oh and she can also play any instrument after a week of being self-taught, it's craziness.