God, Prayer, and the SF Giants


As a sports fan I can assure you that I have prayed many times for my favorite teams to win championships. Sometimes it has panned out (SF Giants have won 2 World Series in 5 years), and sometimes it doesn’t (The San Jose Sharks cannot find their way in the postseason whatsoever). Have you ever thought about that? All those prayers are coming in from both sides? Imagine God, He is up in Heaven being bombarded with mutual prayers from fans in Seattle and fans in SF, what is God to do? Does He do a tally count and bless the team with majority? Perhaps He goes based off of players prayers alone. Or maybe He pulls an ESPN and saddles all the responsibility based on the Quarterbacks faithfulness… I have no clue.

What I do know is that people pray for a lot of things. Every religious system has their different form of prayer, and most are based on ritualized prayer.

Even people who would consider themselves to be non-religious pray when absolutely necessary, like when late to work or trying to quit smoking.

Everyone kind of wants some divine help from time to time.

But Jesus is different then every religious identity, and He changed prayer for His followers. He said, “All who keep asking will receive, all who keep seeking will find, and doors will open to those who keep knocking.”[1]

Jesus loved persistent prayers, the kind where we don’t give up. Many people complain that God doesn’t answer prayers. But think about it, is prayer the first step or the last resort?

Prayer is not simply submitting a request to Santa, it is meant to build us and shape us as we pursue God and don’t quit until He answers.

Jesus goes on in the same passage to explain that God is a good Father and does not want to screw us over with answered prayers. I love that because no other religious system claims that God is our “Father.” At best He is a distant deity, so Holy that humans cant communicate with Him, hence the rituals.

Which is another way that Jesus is different, there are no obstacles, just honest communication.

God is not a jerk, He is humanity’s detailed Creator, so what have you stopped praying for? Start back up, and don’t pray against my teams please. (SF Giants, Niners, Sharks, Kings, and Team USA just so we are clear).

[1] Luke 11:10 The Voice