God is not okay with bad things, and that is good.


For example, God is not okay with a murderer escaping justice from his crimes, God desires justice when a child is abused, or genocide is committed on a people group in Africa. God is not okay with evil. He punishes and protects like a good Dad. Sometimes I complain because it doesn't feel like He is doing anything. It feels like the crook or pedo keeps getting off the hook and justice will never come. But God’s timing is different then ours, and His memory never fades either. 

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“The offerings of a wrongdoers are despicable to God; it’s even worse when they bring them with evil motives.”[1]

Nearly everyone agrees in justice situations, like murder or harming a child, that if there is a God, the He should punish and take care of the situation, but what about when I am the one who does wrong?

In God’s eyes all sin is equally punishable, meaning that any infraction is a violation of perfection.

That does not mean that all sin should receive equal punishment in the legal system, like telling your wife that she looks beautiful in that dress (when the dress actually looks like a referee outfit) should receive the same legal punishment as the local arsonist.

But God ultimately looks at the heart, and my heart is not perfect. I can be vengeful, bitter, and a bunch of other things that hurt others and me.

God is not okay with the bad things that we do. Whether our sin is secret like an addiction, porn, or bitter thoughts; or public like road rage, family neglect, or perpetual lying.

God is not okay with these things because He wants the best lives for us, and the best offerings for Himself.

When we come and worship Him but we have all these rumors swirling in our heads, we cannot be truly His in that moment, and God does not take second place.

God is not okay with bad things in your life and neither should you.

Resist settling. Seek Him.

What is in your life today that is preventing the best things that God had for your life?

[1] Proverbs 21:27 The Voice