Getting Sarcastic with God


Today's Remix Section: Genesis 15 What happens when we get sarcastic with God? Does He freak out? Does He get a lightning bolt ready? Does it make Him insecure and begin to question His heavenly fatherhood?

I don’t know because I am not Him, but what I do know is that people (like me) have been questioning God with sarcastic remarks for as long as human beings have existed… So if you ever get mad at God and begin to question Him and get snippy with Him, don’t worry you aren’t alone.

Abram was a guy who was called by God to go and create a new nation through his family line that would bring honor to God and give hope to the world. The only problem is that He could not have any kids and was getting older every year.

So how would you feel if you had a vision where God said that He was on your side?

You might retort with some sarcasm, right? Yeah, so did Abram when he replied to God, “Eternal Lord, what could You possibly give to me that would make that much of a difference in my life? After all, I am still childless, and Eliezer of Damascus stands to inherit all I own. Since You have not given me the gift of children, my only heir will be one of the servants born in my household.”[1]

Can you feel the irritation and pain in his words? And it makes sense why he would respond like that, right?

But God does not respond with irritation, insecurity, or anger… instead he is patient and gives Abram a promise that He will provide Abram with a son in the right timing.

So what is going on in your life right now? Was there another tragedy in an already crappy season? Did you see the headlines with another heart wrenching story? Are you struggling with an addiction that just cannot be broken?

No matter what you are struggling with God can take it. If you have to yell, be snippy, cry, or speak softly He is waiting to hear from you. Just don’t give Him the silent treatment. Don’t shut Him out. Imagine if Abram would have done that? He would have never received a new promise.

So keep talking and you never know what kind of response you might get.

[1] Genesis 15:2-3 The Voice