Forgiveness is Changing


I usually think I am pretty forgiving. When any does something to hurt or betray me I always try to see why they might have done that and extend forgiveness… But it’s hard sometimes, like when your siblings throw you in a pit and sell you into slavery (that escalated quickly).

This was the case for Joseph years before, but at this point in our story Joseph is second in command in Egypt and his brothers came to him (without realizing who he was) to get food because of a great famine.

Joseph wasn’t about to let them get off so easily. He sent them home with food but accused them of being spies and requested that they bring their youngest brother back with them.

During all of this, something was changing in Joseph, he began forgiving them.

This forgiveness became real when they returned and the bible says, “This time he greeted them warmly.”[1]

You see, when we truly forgive someone things have to change. We can’t simply sit there judging, scowling, and ready to attack.

Joseph greeted his brothers who sold him into slavery!!! Isnt that crazy? That sounds like bravery to me, and if we want to be brave we have to forgive the unforgivable because after all God has already forgiven the unforgivable in us (CS Lewis Quote).

The test of true forgiveness is whether or not things change. If forgiveness really happened it does not mean you trust the person with a knife and you turn your back to see how it goes, but it does mean the beginning of the healing process must commence.

So how is forgiveness going for you? Are things beginning to change?

[1] Genesis 43:27 The Voice