Finding Hope after the Storm


So the earth has just endured a global flood, everything you have known, all the people, all the places are no longer in existence. So now what? Noah must have been racking his brain as the months went by. Maybe they went into planning meetings, trying to figure out what the new world would be like for him and his family. Unpacking the ark would be a challenge with all those animals, and you couldn’t let the lion come out right after the gazelle… bad news for the gazelle population.

There would be more than enough time to plan and talk and wait and wait and wait.

Over six months went by and the waters still had not receded.

But it didn’t matter because they didn’t have a choice. So you just deal.

When have you ever felt like that, your life is being dictated by someone else, maybe your boss, spouse, parent, or even God?

Those moments can feel helpless, like you are a passenger to your own life. How could Noah and his family not feel like that? They just waited and waited and waited.

Finally, they landed, but they were unsure if the waters had went down on a global scale so Noah sent out some birds to figure out if they begin living again.

It took a few tries but then he sent out a dove and something poetic happened, “This time the dove came back to him in the evening, and there, in its beak, was a freshly plucked olive leaf. So Noah knew then that the waters had begun to retreat from the land.”[1]

The dove brought back an olive leaf, which is a symbol of peace. Peace had come and rebuilding would soon begin.

I know that when it feels like we have no control over our lives it’s discouraging and taxing, but the truth is no one has complete control on their life, at least not anyone with a life worth living.

All of our lives are contingent on other people’s actions and reactions. For example, Remix Gospel… I can write all I want but it is up to you to read it, enjoy it, and help me get the word out. For those of you who are married you know that when you said your vows you gave up “your way” and began a process of “our way.”

Noah had no control in the flood, the boat literally had no way to be steered, it just went with the water. But when we feel like we have no control over our lives we can do something much more brave, we can choose to be patient and choose to have faith.

God’s desire was to bring peace and new hope and a new beginning to Noah, and I believe He has something similar planned for us when we give up our need for control and sit tight while the storm is cleared.

Today's Remix Section: Read Genesis 8

[1] Genesis 8:11 The Voice