Finding Hope after Everything Crashes Down


Isn’t it nice when a story has a nice happy ending? When the guy gets the girl, when the princess is woken up, or when the soldiers return home. It’s the best, there is finality in it and it is what we all hope for when we read a book, watch a movie, or hear a story.

Of course, real life is not always so perfectly resolved with all the lose ends tied up.

And if you have been following The Remix over the last couple of days we have been talking about Noah and the flood, and one thing that is obvious is the world would never be the same again.

It is easy to look at the God who would launch a global flood for the purpose of killing every living thing and seeing that as bad. But what is interesting is that through this punishment, through this surgery of removing the cancer from the earth, God still revealed His grace.

He actually goes on to make a pact with Noah that He would never again destroy the world in the same fashion. Noah must have been relieved.

To symbolize this promise to Noah, God used one of the most beautiful anomalies of nature to prove that He would remember the flood. The rainbow.

God used the rainbow as a reminder that after the storm there will always be hope for a new beginning.

God said to Noah, “Look for the rainbow, and remember My promise. With it I sign the covenant I have made between Me and all the living creatures residing on the earth.”[1]

Look for the rainbow after the storm and remember the promise. That is what God wanted Noah to remember and us as well.

Right now you may be having marital, kids, work, or spiritual problems. You may be facing a disease, or some other obstacle but God is with you, and even though He didn’t cause the problems you are in right now, He will not leave you.

There is a rainbow after every storm, and there is hope in even the bleakest of situations. So don’t lose hope, keep pushing on, and don’t forget to look for the rainbow.

[1] Genesis 9:17 The Voice