Finding God’s Will

Ever since I was young I have always had the plan. At different ages growing up I had the perfect path to become a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, a Chiropractor, an Olympian (in any sport that could get me to London), or independently wealthy (curiously enough never came through). Eventually, I started realizing and accepting that my purpose is to help others as a Church leader, but it seems like every step of the way is marked by one truth that I cannot escape… I never have a clue what is really best for me. In the Christian world, people are always trying to find out “God’s will” for their lives, me included. We seek after it like Nicolas Cage after the Declaration of Independence, believing that if we can just crack the code then all of our “deeper meaning” will be discovered and we will never be anxious about our future again. So what is the problem in that? It does not work that way.

Paul put it this way, “A similar thing happens when we pray. We are weak and do not know how to pray, so the Spirit steps in and articulates prayers for us with groaning too profound for words. Don’t you know that He who pursues and explores the human heart intimately knows the Spirit’s mind because He pleads to God for His saints to align their lives with the will of God?” (Romans 8:26-27 The Voice). So how do I find the will of God for my life? Well according to Paul, I am too weak to figure that one out, so instead I take a different approach… I get as close as I can to Him and He will figure out the rest. Now this does not mean that I can never do anything I want in my life, because many things I desire are good and were probably even placed there by God. Often times even the elusive “will of God” can be summed up as: pick a path. It can easily be compiled in a simple two-step process, (1) seek Him and (2) pick a path (lets throw in a bonus step (3) relax because God’s got this!!!)

So what can you do today find “God’s elusive will” for your life today? For me, I am going to make a phone call for a job I applied for to see how the process is going (God’s will is allowed to be practical by the way).

UPDATE: The phone call paid off, and I moved to Kansas City where I currently work at LifeQuest Church, follow your dreams and seek after God’s Will.)