Fear is Never on our Side


Isnt fear a funny creature? I imagine it as a pet that has big eyes that guilt you when you try to leave it in a park but when you bring it home it continues to rip everything to shreds and pee near your bed so that when you wake up you step right into a fresh puddle. That is at least how I see fear. Never going away, always leaving a trail, and if I try to shake it, it just ends up coming home with me again. Kinda sad right? The wonderful thing is there is so much to be afraid of in this finite world. Moving objects, heights, darkness, teddy bears, flying, Teddy Grahams. For me my greatest fear is what others think. I just know everyone is constantly passing judgment on my writing, my look, my speaking, my work ethic, my singing ability (for good reason), my manliness, my level of spirituality, my dreams, and my Jesus. One of the problems is that with this list of fear, I am not who I really am or was created to be. I am a nasty smoothie of who I am and who I believe others want me to be. The problem is that it is the same as adding tuna to a pineapple smoothie; it will look gross and will cause a nasty aftertaste in everyone’s mouth.

Bob Goff put it in a similar way once when he wrote that if your life is dictated by fear you are like a partially deflated balloon, never truly who you were made to be. Paul said it this way, “So what shall we say about all of this? If God is on our side, then tell me; whom shall we fear?” (Romans 8:31 The Voice). Jesus dealt with fear at the cross, and not like I do. I deal with fear by usually caving and tuna-pineappling, I gross everyone and myself else out as well. But Jesus is not like me, he dealt with fear at the cross like Rocky dealt with the Russian, destroyed it. Jesus just beat up the biggest bully around, death, and because of that there is no reason to be afraid anymore. If the Creator of the Universe is on my side, if the One who beat up death is on my side, if the One who gave confidence to a bunch of outcasts and fisherman and called them His Church is on our side, then whom shall we fear? See, God is not against us, he is absolutely FOR us. So it is time to abandon fear and be who we were made to be, let’s kick out the Fear-pet because he really isn’t that cute anyways, and allow the Intimate Creator to define us from here.