Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Church, Connected?


Today's culture is interesting because we always think we are more connected then we really are. For example, if I asked you how many friends you have you might pull out your iPhone (androids are unacceptable), check out the FB app and let me know how many friends you have on there.

Or another question might be how influential are you? And you might respond that you have three thousand followers on twitter or instagram.

All those things are awesome and beneficial for connecting and staying in touch but when we do all of that are we really connected?

I mean, when someone tweets out a message that we think is dumb what do we do? We unfollow them. When a "friend" on Facebook goes on a political rant that totally flies in the fact of logic we just unfriend them.

I know that we don't think about the connection betwween our social media lives and our real life, but on average each of us spend over 15 hours per month on Facebook alone (that's a real stat). So obviously it is pretty important to all of us.

Social media is not a bad thing, but we are in a catch and release culture and social media is a good example of it. We get friends, jobs, and spouses until we disagree or become dissatisfied and then we release...

So how connected are we really?

In a way I think that is why Jesus thought the church was so important. It was not meant to be something that we attended every few months, or went to until we didn't like what the preacher said, or went until lake season started, or went until the little old lady offended me. Jesus thought the church was important because even though he knew it was filled with a bunch of imperfect people, he knew that it was a place of real connections.

The church is meant to be a place of hope, a gathering where we connect with one another and do life together as we connect deeper with Jesus.

I know that the church has probably screwed you over before, me too, but at some point we have to look at how connected we are and realize that in this instaculture without depth, and if we are willing to be brave and get connected in the church we might find a real home that isn't just a html address. What do you think?