Everyone Has Bullies, How Do You Deal With Yours?


Do you ever feel like you are alone fighting against the world? A bit dramatic, but sometimes life has felt like that to me. As if I am in high school backed into a corner by a bunch of bullies.

Bullies can come in many forms, they can look like friends, family, enemies, or even addictions and obstacles in our path.

We will define a bully as anybody or anything who attempts to make us less then we really are.

So who or what has been bullying you?

Usually bullies love to make us feel powerless and alone.

Laban bullied Jacob. He deceived Jacob into doing years and years of free labor, and made life difficult for Jacob and his family.

Eventually it was time for Jacob to leave, and he knew Laban would not let them leave willingly, so they waited until he was out of town and booked it out.

Laban found out pretty quickly about what happened and pursued them for a week in the desert. Eventually he caught up with them, but right before he did God spoke to Laban (who followed fake gods) and said, “Be careful what you say and do to Jacob.”[1]

That did it for Laban, God had spoken, so when he caught up with Jacob they had a discussion instead of a fight and parted ways.

You might feel alone against whichever bully keeps pushing you down, but I follow a God who can push over bullies.

You are never alone if you ask God to be with you.

No matter what the struggle or obstacle, God is with you.

So dont be afraid because you are not alone.

What have you seen God overcome in the past?

[1] Genesis 31:24 The Voice