Does Integrity Always Pay Off?


I have not always been great with temptation. Like when I was in preschool and was tempted to punch poor little William in the face, I just pulled back and did it because I wanted to. Since then I have still struggled to make the right choice, especially when no one was watching. How about you? Do you find yourself making the right choice or the easy choice in certain situations?

Our newest hero, Joseph (not Jesus’ dad), was just sold into slavery in Egypt because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and found himself in a rich officials home as a slave.

Check out the story in Genesis 38 and 39. Joseph was basically amazing at everything and become this guy’s personal assistant which is a cozy position. Unfortunately, the rich guy’s wife really wanted Joseph so she made a move.

Now if you were Joseph what would you do? She was probably hot and she had the power to have Joseph thrown into prison if he rejected her.

Joseph decided to run. Literally, he ran and she grabbed his robe and he kept running away naked. The Bible records, “she grabbed him by his clothes and tried again to seduce him. Potiphar’s Wife: Come on. Sleep with me. But Joseph ran outside away from her, as far and as fast as he could, leaving her holding his clothes in her hand.”[1]

When you are tempted by a certain situation do you flirt around with it? Joseph didn’t, instead he ran… fast. He ran not because it was easy, but because it was right.

I want to be like that. Whenever I am tempted to lie, cheat, cause drama, or make a dumb decision I want to be like Joseph who chose what was right over what was easy. But how did he get the strength and will power?

The truth is that Joseph didn’t make the right choice just because it was right, he made that choice because his love for God outweighed his love for whatever pleasure would come if he chose the chick.

Making brave choices and love often are interconnected, and to make the best choices in life we have to see that connection and pursue them both together.

[1] Genesis 39:12 The Voice