Does God Laugh at "Your" Plans?


Check out Genesis 18 "Man plans, God laughs.”

This saying has been the annoying truth of my life... Every time I was getting ready to make a huge life decision some door has closed in my face. Actually, one time an entire college literally closed down… and another time it was me moving to Ireland.

So many times in my life it feels like I would plan and work and execute and then all of sudden I was faced with rejection. It sucks

It especially sucks when I am doing something because I am trying to honor God with my choices and it is still a no.

In the moment it kind of feels like God is laughing at me… Like I am a human hacky sack and He is an Emo college freshman… kicking me up and down, getting my hopes high and then dropping them and repeating….

Do you know the feeling? Your examples could be much more serious then mine; maybe it was a failed engagement, a layoff due to recession, or a miscarriage. It hurts.

We get mad because it feels like God is laughing at our plans but I wonder if we ever laugh at His?

Continuing on in the story from yesterday, Abraham was promised a son and Sarah would be the mother. The problem was that they were now nearing 100 years old.

Let that sink in, get a mental picture of a 100 year old labor…. Ewww….

Anyways, God and two angels came to Abraham to give him some specific details, and Sarah was eavesdropping. People eavesdrop all the time, but a rookie mistake is to laugh within earshot… Especially when you are listening in on God talking.

God announced that it was time for her long overdue pregnancy to begin, and she reacted like this…. “So Sarah laughed to herself, saying under her breath, “At my age—old and decrepit, as is my husband—both of us long past having any desire to engage in lovemaking?”[1]

Can you blame her for doubting and finding it comical? 100-year-old labor is gross, weird, and unlikely… She had her hopes destroyed before, and she wasn’t about to put faith in something so impossible now.

God quickly and lovingly corrects her, and she sat in her tent probably pretty embarrassed.

She laughed at God’s plan for her laugh because she thought that she was out of use, that her time had expired, and she had lost hope. She probably accused God of laughing at her plan in the past, and now she was doing the same thing to His plan.

What about you and me? You might have felt burnt by God before, and you might have a sense of what He has promised you, but you are afraid so you laugh…

But here is the deal, God is not a bully… He is on your side, so don’t lose hope. Gain hope. Gain life. You can trust God, because He is your number one fan. He may not have caused the disappointment in the past, but He does want to restore your hope in the future! So don’t laugh at what God can do… Instead, get excited and don’t laugh until the end of the story!

[1] Genesis 18:12 The Voice