Destroying Fear and Sharing Good News


Okay can I be honest for a second? *Waiting for your reply* Okay, cool. I’m terrified to tell other people about Jesus. Such a statement might sound weird because I work at a church but it’s true.

I always wonder why, and I’m sure I will write about this more in depth later but I guess most of it comes down to fear. Fear of rejection, fear of being laughed at, fear of people throwing rotten food at me…

But, I also wonder if letting fear dictate my actions short circuits the awesome miracles God wants to unleash through me (and you).

Back in Genesis 41, our hero, Joseph, has been sitting in a jail cell waiting for justice to eventually look his way. He deciphered the cupbearer’s dream and the dude totally shafted Joseph.

Fast forward a couple years, Pharaoh had a couple dreams and none of his brilliant scholars could figure it out. Right then, the cupbearer recovers from his amnesia of Joseph and let’s the Pharaoh in on some knowledge.

Joseph is summoned out of his hole and comes before Pharaoh. He is asked if he can indeed interpret the king’s dreams and Joseph replies, “no.”

Specifically, he says, “I cannot do this, but God will answer Pharaoh’s request and relieve your concerns.”[1]

So let’s get some background. Joseph has been sitting in a hole for YEARS, and now he comes out and tells the Pharaoh of Egypt about HIS God who could interpret the dreams, the same dreams the best priests of Egypt couldn’t figure out. Not to mention Pharaoh was worshipped as a living God.

Even then, Joseph looked the king right in the eyes and told him about HIS God who could figure it out, and HE DID!

He interpreted the dreams and they were about a coming famine. Pharaoh was concerned, but encouraged by Joseph. He loved Joseph’s boldness and intelligence and promoted him from Prison Block B to Vice-President!!!

I have always been afraid of the WHAT-Ifs but maybe we should be more afraid of WHAT-if we don’t become part of the miracle? What if we miss out? God will be fine whether we cave into fear or not, He’s God. But if we miss out because of fear, we miss out on being a cast member in an amazing story.

[1] Genesis 41:16