Choosing Inconvenience

When I get home from work there is nothing I want to do more than sit down and watch whatever game is on or read a book. I do not want to be bothered or inconvenienced. I simply want to exist until I go to bed. But what about when a friend calls for something urgent at his house? Or how about the guy who has run out of gas on the side of the road as I drive home?

I look out for myself best. My first thought is normally about what do I want or what I need.

But that is nothing like Jesus. He put others needs before anything else. He healed when He was tired. He spoke with people, even late into the night, because He knew they needed to hear His words.

Often times true wisdom and true love are one in the same.

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Solomon expressed this when he wrote, “Do not send your neighbor away, saying, “Get back with me tomorrow. I can give it to you then,” when what he needs is already in your hand.”[1]

It sounds simply, but what about when I am already asleep? Or what if it was a stressful day of work? Or what if I don’t really like the guy?

It does not really matter. Give it anyways.

Jesus inconvenienced Himself by coming to earth and He inconvenienced man by asking us all to follow Him.

This isn’t just theory, this is daily. It could look like a borrowed hammer, a cup of sugar, or helping the neighbor fix a breaker. It could be dropping their kids off at school with yours even though their kid is going to thrash your car.

That is love, and it is wise. It is selfless love, and that is worth having.

But the decision cannot be made when the opportunity arises, because I usually will make an excuse. The decision must be made now, that if an opportunity comes, that I will react with wisdom and love.

Will you make a decision to choose inconvenience?

[1] Proverbs 3:28 The Voice