Building a Marriage that Goes the Distance


Aren’t divorce statistics sucky? Every year so many couples who I assume genuinely thought they would be together until death get sick of each other and end a promise.

I have not been married yet, but when I do I want my marriage to go the distance, just like I am sure you do.

Obviously, there are a ton of reasons why people file for divorce some have pretty decent reasons (i.e. I married an ax murderer with another family in Iowa) and many with dumb reasons (i.e. we couldn’t agree on finances).

I look at that and see all the mistakes I don’t want to make, and I try to see what makes a successful commitment and one thing is clear…

You have to keep working for the other person’s heart.

In our story in Genesis 29, Jacob went looking for a wife back in the old country. It didn’t take long for him to find the most awesome girl named Rachel. He fell in love, and her Dad agreed that if he worked for seven years then he could marry her, and he did. The bible says, “So Jacob served Laban for seven years in exchange for Rachel. The years went by quickly and seemed to him to be only a few days because of the immense love he had for her.”[1]

The dad wasn’t very good at staying to his word, because after that he told Jacob that he could marry Rebekah but he would have to work for her for another seven years, and he agreed!!!

For some reason guys seem to think that once the honeymoon is over the work is finished. He won the prize, and now she is his forever, no work required. But Jacob was the kind of guy who still took her on dates, still picked her up little gifts, still listened to her after asking how her day was.

I have a suspicion that Jacob would not have gotten a divorce (and he didn't), because he kept working for her. He kept pursuing his beloved. I want to be like that one day.

[1] Genesis 29:20 The Voice