Boldness: Singing out loud or standing against fear?


Why is this Remix completely in BOLD lettering you might ask (or not, whatever)? Well, it's because today is all about being bold! At different points in my life I have been extremely bold.

There was the time when I was nine that I attempted to be in the school talent show by singing a Weird Al song a cappella (without music). They did not even let me past the audition.

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There was the time when I was a freshman in high school, and I thought I was so cool that I broke up with my “girlfriend” by shouting “We’re done!” across the biology classroom… she was not pleased.

My last example was the time when I was working at Subway in college and I asked my friend who worked with me who Jesus was to her. We had a long conversation and it ended with her deciding to follow Christ in the bathroom of Subway. 

Out of all three of those moments I think only one had anything to do with bold confidence.

In Proverbs it is written, “Reverence for the Eternal brings bold confidence, and one’s offspring will have hope of protection.”[1]

That reverence is awe-inspired fear. It is complete surrender and acknowledgment of who God is and what He has done. In real talk, it is looking at some of the cool stuff God has done and saying, “Wow.”

When I look at my life thus far it is not filled with bold and confident moments, but with moments of me reluctantly following and asking questions while looking down at my shoes.

The missing link is that special reverence. It is complete respect, and He deserves it. He is my Creator, Redeemer, and everything else. He is awesome, and I cannot even begin to understand that.

What I do know is that I would not jump up and down in a house whose foundation is made of termite-infested plywood. Why? Because the foundation is going to fall apart.

But with God I can be confident in who He says I am and the purpose He gave me, and I can go with confidence because He is a firm foundation.

[1] Proverbs 14:26 The Voice