Biggest Decision Ever: Leaving Comfort Behind (Part 1)


Most of life comes down to key decisions in key moments. Of course, our everyday small decisions do matter… in an Ashton Kutcher/ Butterfly Effect sort of way… But in the grand scheme of things it is a few climactic decisions we make forever altering our lives.

In the last couple of years I have made a few big decisions, such as picking colleges, jobs, moving half way across the country, and then moving all the way across the country. All of these are huge decisions I had to make, all of them stressed me out with doubts till no end… but there was one decision I made a month before my 19th birthday that provided the filter and life all these decisions since have been founded on…

I went on an adventure with a few of my buddies to Monterey Bay, CA for a three-day concert. It was an adventure for me on many fronts, because I was enduring an internal exploration, attempting to answer the question “is this all there is to life?” You see, up until this point, my life was about MY comfort, MY pleasure, MY desires, and MY ego. Of course, I had a ton of fun, but I was beginning to ask what difference does any of this really make?

As I lived for myself I still felt empty.

So as me and my buddies enjoyed the bands, hot sun, and deep fried foods I began to wrestle with all of this and wanted answers.

So I went to God, to find out what He thought.

Quick background: I was raised in the church and Sunday School, so I always knew the right answer to any question was Jesus, but I never decided to follow Him with my life, and to completely believe He died on a cross for MY sins (for my desire for comfort) and rose again to defeat death, and call us all to follow. I never realized my entire life Jesus was calling me on an adventure, and I simply was not listening….

Then I read something Jesus said to His followers, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24).

My eyes opened up, with a deep fried Twinkie in my hand, and a great band playing an acoustic set… My comfort HAD to DIE.

I loved comfort. Comfort in getting my way, comfort in doing things when I wanted, comfort in having friends to benefit myself, comfort in using relationships as crutches to limp on, comfort from peaking into the unknown, and comfort from journeying anywhere I might fail.

But it was time to kill it. It was time to pick up my cross and follow.

In that venue, I made a verbal enlistment into a ragtag adventure, the way of Jesus. I have been far from perfect, often slipping back into comfort, but still I push on into adventure and away from comfort.

But honestly, how many good adventures occurred in comfort anyway? Frodo would have never left The Shire, and Jake Sully would have never left for Pandora.

Since then, I have made everyday revolts against comfort (like patience with roommates), and many big ones (like moving to Orlando), but none compare to the decision to follow Jesus.

It is through that decision I know that I don’t need to be afraid of a life outside of my comfort zone, because I know I will simply be following Him.

Jesus offers you the same call into the greatest adventure everyday, whether you have been a Christian for 50 years or 5 minutes, “Will you give up your comfort and follow me today?”