Best things have Small Beginnings


Have you ever stopped to think about the church that Jesus built? A fun fact to know is that Jesus was a carpenter/teacher who walked around with twelve guys who were mainly uneducated and not special either. Large crowds came to watch and listen to Jesus, but everyone pretty much abandoned Him when He went on trial and died. The main leader of His crew even disowned Jesus multiple times out of fear of association. Soon the carpenter is back, risen from the grave, and his twelve see Him and testify to that fact. Eleven of them are even murdered because they held firm to the fact that they saw Him alive again. But those twelve began to spread the message of Jesus to others, and somehow after all that the greatest spiritual movement in history began. If you were Jesus is that how you would have started an organization? Taking the least talented and most fearful guys? Doing it in a hostile territory where your followers would soon be persecuted? Starting with only twelve recruits rather than building up crowds of thousands?

What Jesus did does not make sense in business terms, let alone religious terms.

But still, the Jesus’ church grew and expanded under persecution. Nothing could hold it down. And while many boneheads began to “convert” people to Christianity at the edge of the sword, that was not Jesus’ plan. His plan was for people to accept love, not be forced by fear.

Even though the church has screwed up a lot, and has probably failed you personally (it has me) it is still something that Jesus loves dearly.

Jesus said, “Do you want Me to tell you what the kingdom of God is like? It’s like some yeast which a woman hid within a huge quantity of flour; soon the whole batch of dough was rising.”[1]

It took me a while, and some research to figure out what He meant. Jesus was explaining that the best things start with small beginnings. His Church would start with only 12, and that has worked out pretty well since they were fisherman and social outcasts.

That is why I can never hate the church, because Jesus loves it and wants it to keep loving the unlovable. And because of that I am a part of it and love it too.

The best things start with small beginnings, so live it out. When you follow Jesus it is a small beginning but you ends up changing the world.

[1] Luke 13:20-21 The Voice