Ben Franklin was Half-Right on This...


"Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it." -Benjamin Franklin

I agree with Ben on the latter part, fools do not take advice when they should.

Guess who is one of those fools quite often? I dislike advice from others because I always feel like I know what I am doing, but there is nothing wise about it.

My ego gets in the way of accepting the advice of those who have been working in whatever I'm doing much longer than me.

So, Ben is right… Fool’s like me are not good about taking advice when we should.

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But Wise men need advice too… I believe it is a wise persons willingness to accept wisdom from others that actually makes them wise.

Proverbs reveals, “Those who accept instruction are travelers on the road to a meaningful life, but those who refuse correction wander off and pave a path to ruin.”[1]

What makes a person wise is working smarter, not hard. (As my old coworker used to say)

Being smarter means standing on the experience and advice of those that have come before us. Otherwise, I am beginning a path that is untested and filled with dumb mistakes.

In the end, the only two things that separate wise from fools is that (1) the wise take advice while the fool does not, and (2) the result.

[1] Proverbs 10:17 The Voice