Being Alone Sucks.


I have always hated being alone for too long. Honestly, I get really bored. Even when I am doing my favorite stuff... Like football, if I am watching it by myself I don’t have nearly as much fun because there is nobody to make fun of geniuses like Richard Sherman with. Or watching comedy movies… Tommy Boy is nowhere near as great if there is nobody to repeat the best lines with.

Of course not everyone likes people, and I guess that’s okay, but I feel like that is totally missing out on an important part of life.

Ever since the beginning of mankind we have this magnetic pull to do life in community. Like when you hear a funny joke in the office, what’s your first reaction? To go find someone to share it with… It’s funnier that way.

Think about it, almost every great moment in your life story has been with other people. Even the shows we watch are about relationships and community. Friends, Cheers, and Duck Dynasty all have community in common.

We all want to be known. And that’s good because we were made for together.

I believe this started like Moses wrote in the Bible, that God created the first man who He called Adam. Adam was awesome and perfect, and had purpose for taking care of all the animals, and there wasn’t even sin or selfishness to get in the way. But something was missing.

God knew what it was and said, “It is not good for the man to be alone, so I will create a companion for him, a perfectly suited partner.”[1]

God created a woman, and Adam named her Eve, and they were perfectly made for each other.

I get it, you are rolling your eyes because to you that is a nice story but not matching up with science. I get it. But this is the only real option that answers the problem, why Humanity is different. No other animal communicates with the intimacy we do. To other animals, sex is procreation. To us, sex is sharing your soul. Other animals communicate out of necessity, we communicate out of desire to love.

We are different, we were never meant to do life alone.

So what does this mean for us, today? Have you been hurt by others? Maybe a former spouse, partner, the church, a friend, a parent, or even God. All those can hurt deep and can leave us never wanting to be vulnerable again.

Here is my challenge. Be vulnerable. I sound like a jerk right? But it’s the only way that you can experience real life again. Is there a chance that someone else can hurt you again? Yes. Unfortunately, people all can suck.

But I can also promise you that if you do not open up your heart for the possibility for love to enter you will live a half-life.

So go home, check out a new church, begin building new friendships, and pray to the God who has been dying for you to know Him better.

Life was never meant to be done alone, go out and find yours.

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[1] Genesis 2:18 The Voice