Being a Christian in Postmodern America


Check Out Genesis 23 Could you imagine a world where religious freedom is not what is prized but instead freedom FROM religion?

Well it is becoming the world we live in.

Supreme Court cases, media reports, and academic exclusion limit what religious expression can look like in the public and governmental sectors, and it can be frustrating for those within the faith community.

This may sound like the beginnings of a Christian rant on the “Good ol’ days” but it’s not… 20 blogs pop up every minute about that subject… Instead, I want to look at it from a different perspective. Instead, how should a Christian live with that in mind?

When Abraham’s wife eventually died he began the process of acquiring land to bury her.

Abraham had been living in the land of another culture (the Hittites) for a while now, and even though they didn’t believe in God the same way as he did, they did respect him.

So when he went to them for permission to purchase land to bury his wife this was their response, “Listen, my lord. We recognize you are a powerful prince among us, and God is certainly with you. Bury your dead in the best of our burial places. None of us will deny you any tomb so that you might properly bury your dead.”[1]

They didn’t agree with his beliefs, but his passion, integrity, and genuine love rubbed off on them, and they respected Abraham for it.

In the same way, we live in a secularized culture where Christianity doesn’t get much respect in academia, government, media, or many other places. But respect is earned not freely given, and have we (if you are a follower of Jesus) done our part to earn respect through passion, integrity, and genuine love or have we focused on what we are against, bias against us in the media, health care reform, and constant controversy over scandal and stupid stunts.

You might say, but I don’t do that stuff, those are extremists! (and you’d be right) But we are all in this thing called “The Church” together, and we have to be louder with love then those who are loud with hate.

So before we get made about the culture wars, lets earn respect like Abraham, because we are in unfamiliar territory and that’s okay.

What are your thoughts about living in a no longer "Christian" America?

[1] Genesis 23:6 The Voice