A Remix Review on The Happiest Life by Hugh Hewitt


With a title like The Happiest Life what is not to love? Well the truth is that often times in the “Christian World” we are told to never seek after happiness and any book about the subject is by nature UNBIBLICAL. But what if God does care about our happiness? And more importantly what if that happiness is not based on what we can get out of life but what we can give? Ultimately the pursuit of a life lived with selfless love is what makes up the Happiest Life according to this author. This book was witty, fun, inspiring, educational, and a bunch of other descriptions all wrapped into a book that challenges you every step of the way. He wrote about “happiness” in a way that makes you question what you ever knew about it to begin with. He suggests that happiness is lived out through everything from humor to honor and makes you smile the whole way through. The book held my attention well by giving personal examples that really connected me to him while finding principles and ideas that I can use in my own life. Understandably, some still aren’t convinced that happiness is biblical, and that is okay… But Hugh uses Scripture well to back up his point and challenge the reader to think about happiness in a new light.

So if you have given up on happiness or just need a fresh look at it this is a book for you and I bet you will want to pick up an extra copy for a friend!