How the Enneagram has Helped Prepare me for Church Planting Assessment

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The Enneagram is an incredibly useful tool.

It is a personality and internal motivation tool, centuries old, crafted to reveal how each of us has one of nine dominant personality types.

I have been learning about it for the last 9 months and it has been powerful in deciphering my actions as well as my inner motivations, which are sometimes very broken.

You see, I am dominant in type 3, which is sometimes known as the achiever, and when I discovered this it came as no surprise how some of my actions and motivations line up.

I am often focused on personal performance and struggle with the belief that I am only as valuable as what I bring to the team, the job, or the family. I struggle with knowing whether I am truly loved and accepted or am loved because of my work ethic.

God has used this tool already powerfully within me to realize my brokenness and need of Jesus incredible love and truth to reform me into the healthiest version of me I can be in this season. I am still not "there" but I am so encouraged and in awe of God's grace.

Of course, this couldn't have come at a better time since Ali and I are hours away from getting on a plane to be assessed by Acts 29 assessors for our current level of readiness of church planting and assistance in discerning God's call for us in this season.

At assessment, they will scrutinize our marriage, my thought life, my emotional readiness, and my character. They will ask tough questions and press in for authentic answers, no sugar coating allowed.

And honestly, at this moment, I am stoked! I am so excited for this next step for Ali and I. Not because I believe we are going to fly through this with flying colors. Not that they will say go plant a church next week. But because I know God's love for me today better than any day before. I know that He is excited for us. I know that Jesus is the true church planter, not any of us creations.

Of course, this does not change my burning desire to church plant and see lives transformed by God's story of love, redemption, and rescue. I believe that each day that goes by is a day that my favorite people on earth, Disney Cast Members, are living without a safe space to belong.

But I trust the system we are stepping into. I trust the guys and gals who will be assessing us, that they want God's best for us. That their hearts are for us and for our marriage.

More than that, I trust that the work that God has begun within me will be carried out until the day of completion.

I am so grateful for the Enneagram as a tool and although I know that I have barely scratched the surface I believe I am being made new and He will continue using this tool to break me down of my brokenness and shadow motivations and build me up in His incredible love found in the Gospel.

All this to say, we are excited and as prepared as possible. 

We don't know the feedback we will receive, but we know who goes before us, and that our Father is for us. And that will be enough.

I want to be completely transparent for this process, so after the assessment I will create a post to let you all know how it went!

If any of this ennegram stuff has piqued your interest, please check out this video and this is the book I would recommend!

Daniel Conner