1 Easy Step to Improving Your Memory


How good is your memory? I am great with remembering historical events, like what was the name of Thomas Jefferson’s estate (Monticello,  yeah I am that good…) but I get auto amnesia when it comes to remembering meetings, appointments, lists of things to pick up, or really anything else men are stereotyped as forgetting.

Don’t start getting all smug and feeling better then me, because there is one area that we all at times can get auto amnesia… the awesome things God does for us.

If you follow Jesus then there was a moment when you accepted salvation and you were having a “this is better then Disneyland!!!!” moment, has that excitement left? Or when you should have been hurt during some accident and instead you walked away with minor scratches, weren’t you so grateful for God’s protection? Or maybe it was your wedding day when you saw your spouse and praised God that you were blessed to spend your life honoring Him with such a great partner, where is the magic?

We all get forgetful when it comes to God.

But let's check out Genesis 28. The solution that Jacob came up with in the Bible was before he surrendered his life to God. Jacob received a prophetic dream while he was asleep, and received a promise from God of blessing. He woke up thrilled, and did something that is weird…

He piled stones on top of each other, poured oil on them, and considered it a monument.

Weird huh? Why would he do that? The bible records, “So early the next morning Jacob took the stone he had put under his head, set it up as a pillar, and then poured oil on top of it to commemorate his experience with God.”[1]

He piled rocks not because God needed to feel special (he created the rocks) but instead Jacob piled the rocks so he would remember what God had done.

If you keep forgetting what God has done for you the chances are you don’t have it in writing and visible for you to see every day. Try it. Frame a verse of a promise that God gave you. Put a reminder of salvation as your wallpaper. Put a pic from your wedding on the fridge.

Somebody smarter then me once said, “The shortest pencil is longer then the longest memory.” When Jacob piled stones he was making a visual record, and when you write down or make a visual of how God has come through in the past you will remember to look to Him in the future.

[1] Genesis 28:18 The Voice