About Danny


What if God is calling us each day on an adventure, but His voice simply gets drowned out in the competition for an ordinary life?


As stated up top my name is Danny Conner, and yup I like adventures.

All my life I was the kid who would jump off stuff just to see what would happen, often times what happened was an ER visit.

Even though I grew up going to church the whole Gospel thing never truly made its way deep into my life until I was 18. Before then, I figured the Christian side of me was reserved for Sundays, and I tried to forget it most of the rest of the week so I could do my own thing with no worries. To make matters worse, ever since I was four I had this strange feeling God wanted me to become a pastor, and every couple years some grey haired person would shoot their mouth off saying the same thing! But I wanted to jump off stuff, make tons of money, and do what I wanted!

So when I finally handed everything over to him I experience what CS Lewis explained when he wrote, “The more we let God take us over, the more truly ourselves we become.” I thought I would have to give up adventures and instead take up coffee at the diner each morning with golf to follow, no offense, but instead I discovered adventures in a whole new way!

Adventure is best had when it is not self serving or self seeking! Adventure is best when it is had with a community of adventurers who are chasing after the same thing. Adventure is best had when that same thing is Jesus. He is the fulfillment of all true, pure, and exhilarating desire.

Since then I have moved from Farm Country, California to Kansas City where I served as a Pastoral Intern at LifeQuest Church while I finished my B.S. Biblical Studies from Liberty University Online and my M.A. Christian Ministry (Church Planting and Evangelism) from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Online. I was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel from LifeQuest before I moved to Orlando, FL to become a Church Planting Resident at Mosaic Church FL at the Walt Disney World Campus for two years focusing on Men’s Discipleship while working full-time at Walt Disney World in various roles from Custodial to Guest Relations!

After that, I began serving at Abundant Grace International Fellowship in Shanghai, China helping out in Communications and creating a community with my incredible bride and fellow adventurer Ali for Disney Expats who work at Disneyland Shanghai.

Most recently though, our "life of adventure" was forever changed when my Dad passed away drawing Ali and I back from China to be near our family in my hometown of Modesto, California. Back to what I considered "ordinary life."

But God has not abandoned us, and He has been humbling me in my understanding of what the life of adventure truly includes.

I would never have thought God would have written my story this way, but He always proves to be the best at telling captivating stories.